Dharamsala 2003 - My work

During the time we were in Dharamsala I had to do a C-grade paper in Religious Science. My paper was about the possibilities for tibethan nuns to get full ordination. A matter of course for other nuns but not for tibethan, since they don't have any tradition for ordination.

I spent some of my time in the district where the exile government has its seat.

Everyone was very kind and willing to help out, including answering my stupid questions. One monk had been given the task of researching how the tradition looks in the oldest documents. He was very will to shar what he had found, which made my work much easier.

I also interviewed practising nuns and got to hear their views on this issue. I spent a couple of days together with the nuns in the nunnery Dolma Ling.

Their life stories were horrific and scary on what they had to endure in Tibet. Many of them are refugees that had walked on foot, risking their own lifes, across the Himalayas to find a refuge in Dharamsala with their spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

For those of you who can read Swedish you will find my work Full ordination en omöjlighet för dagens Tibetanska nunnor under the page My studies.