My Studies

Have tried different occupations, from purely artisan handicraft trade like hairdresser to restorer of arts. After my time overseas I have now obtained a Master of Arts in History and a Master of Religious Science. With an exam as Highschool teacher after 4,5 years of studies at Karlstad University, Sweden.

I have started a licentiate's degree in 2005, but I'm at the present workin as a teacher at the local Technical Highschool and Adult education. Plus I'm also in charge of the Swedish education for immigrants SFI.

Here you can find some of the papers on different subjects I have done at Karlstad University. Although they are all in Swedish. You may download them to get facts and ideas, but remember to mention the source of your information.

Steriliseringsdebatten; Historia A-uppsats

Sveriges riksbildande; Historia B-uppsats

Liljestenar; Historia C-uppsats

Rasbiologi; Religionsvetenskap B-uppsats

Tibetanska nunnor; Religionsvetenskap C-uppsats

Abbot Francis Pfanner; Religionsvetenskap D-uppsats