South Africa 1992 - 1996
Here is a small story with photos about our move to South Africa.
To leave Sweden and move to the other side of the planet wasn't hard when it happened during the coldest period of the year.

This phot is taken outside our house the day before we left Sweden.

A cold, misty and grey Forshaga.

We arrived to Durban on 13 December 1992 and moved to:

The day after all our belongings arrived in a container.

The house we moved into was on 17 Ridge Road
a one was in one floor with for us a very exotic garden.

Frontside of the house.

Back of the house towards the grannyflat.

The garden was full of plants. Most of them we only had seen in Sweden planted in flowerpots indoors in much smaller versions.

There was not only exotic plants in the garden, one day this very colourful lizzard paid us a visit.

Here we have other creatures visiting us, a Vervet Monkey stealing our papaya we intended to have for breakfast.