South Africa

The nature around Durban was wonderful, green flowing hills as far as you could see.

One of our weekend funs was to drive down to Durban and walk along the Beachfront. A "prawn Curry" was never wrong for lunch and a the same time one could watch the beachlife (Surf boys)

In the centre of the town is the City Hall, that some of the people in charge wanted me to use as a basis for my thesis as a restorer of arts. But that was a too large project for me, anyhow it's a fine building.

During the years we lived here it was lot of political unrest, even we didn't see much of it. But there was always a presence of Police and Military. We lived there during the last two years of old Apartheid rule through the election and the first two years of the new South Africa.

Much of Durban is situated along the Beach, here we can see the promenade street along the beachfron. This is also where many nice hotels are placed.