55 Campbell Drive

After about half our time in South Africa we moved to another house, a new nice home with an enormous view over the Indian Ocean. From the street you drove in through two motorised gates and parked outside a double garage with a so called " Granny flat" that I used as my restorer of arts studio. The little red car is my own little2+2 seater Nissan a real cutie.

The house was in two parts, one two floor living area and one bedroom area in one floor. Which best can be seen from the back of the house.

Also here we had a swimmingpool, the water temperature was mostly very comfortable, since the climate in Durban is very Mediterranean like al the year around.

The first thing I saw in the morning was this wonderful view. I never got tired of it. Just imagine having your breakfast in bed while watching this.

The garden in this house was very nice, and the best thing of all was that every fortnight a bunch of guys came and fixed it up. I only had to enjoy the final result.

Also in this garden there were plants that we people from the North just could dream of having.