Wildlife is something big in the part of South Africa where we lived. To take a trip out in the wilderness during the weekend to watch wild game was wonderful.Just a few hours driveoutside the townyou meet Africa when it is at it's best. Our favourite Game reserve was Hluhluwe.

Here one could see all small and large animals that one will find in Africa. Even inside the camp we stayed at zebras wandered about.

We used to take our car and drive around inside the Game Reserve, a gigantic area containing all kinds of wild game. Impala deer is one the species we find in largest numbers.

I got many funny pictures also, here is a monkey resting after a long walkabout in the nature.

It felt strange to be this close to wild animals. On one drive we came a little bit too close to an enraged elephant. But who thouht of that when I could get this nice camera shot.

It was first afterwards one realised that this could have been really dangerous.

Large areas outside the city of Durban was taken care of by an organsiation called Natal Parks Board. They do an enormous job to save all kind of animals, and also ensuring their natural environment is preserved as far as it is possible.

Most of the animals are only nice to look at, but some must one be careful to get too close to. Here is a Rhino lurking in the tall grass, this is one that you want to keep the distance to.

But they can also be cuddling in a pool of mud, then they couldn't care less about you, and in some strange way you can get very close to them.

You were always warnedabout the dangers before driving out in your own car. The most dangerous animal in Africa is the Buffalo, who's responsible for most of the killings of humans. Here one really need to have eyes in back of your head when these are in the neighbourhood.

But most of the other animals were really nice to be around. This was a weekend fun you never could get too much of. And if you were really lucky you could see on of the big cats.

This is one of the things one misses the most, these wildlife adventures. It isn't the same feeling driving up to the forest Halle- and Hunneberg to watch some of the swedish Moose and roe deer. Although these can also be nice and exciting to watch.