India – 1996 to 1998

It was a big change of life to move from South Africa to India.
Here one meets chaos on a high level.
The traffic and streets are really dangerous to be in and on.
But believe it or not one gets used also to this.

In february 1996 we moved to Pune a town 150 kms southeast of Bombay.

Among the first places in Pune we visited was Aga Khans palace where Gandhi was imprisoned.

Our first home in India was a newly built pink house with walls and gates around it.

Considering the traffic in India one must take to exceptional methods for survaival. Here our driver Naidoo is performing a Puja and by blessing our car with this ritual we will all be safe on the roads.

After about one year we shifted to another house closer to town, you can only guess what colour it had. here we lived until we left India in December 1998.