My meeting with Dalai Lama

In Dharamsala Dalai Lama has his exile residence it's around this the city
has been built up.

Once again, thanks to our own Pema, he managed the impossible an audience with
His Highness Dalai Lama. Just imagine little me from Nossebro, Västergötland, Sweden sitting down and talking to such a person. And what a personality - his charisma is unbelievable, one understands why people listen
to what he has to say.

When one sees him on TV he looks rather small and tiny, but in real life he is a big strong man. A smart old man with a lot of humour.

When we finished our discussion he blessed our small things we brought with us. So my tibethan jewellry has been blessed by Dalai Lama himself. Do you imagine that I think about it everytime I put them on?

Afterwards we took a group photo with him in the centre, a real memory of the trip.

As if that wasn't enough, so did he shake the hand of each of us when we said goodbye and left. I wonder if I ever will wash that hand again?

This was the big highligt of my visit to Dharamsala, even if nothing else had happened this only meeting was well worth the journey.