Tibetan children village

During our visit in Dharamsala we were invited to Tibetan children village. This is a school in India that take care of the small children that are sent across the border in Himalaya from Tibet to have the chance to attend a Tibethan school. Here they learn the old tibethan traditions.

As usually it was Pema that opened the doors for us, he had earlier been a Headmaster in this school. When we arrived we had tea with Dalai Lamas sister who now is the Headmaster of the school.

Thereafter we met the children that lives here without their family, just to have the chance to get a tibethan education. Some of the children are very small when they arrive across the mountains. The school also has a nursery for the youngest of them.

We were also invited to attend a big celebration during our visit. It was a jubilee that they celebrated under much pomp and circumstance. The children put on a big show and behaved like welltrained small soldiers. it was nothing that one can compare to a Swedish school.

Dalai Lama and Karmapa did also attend this celebration.

You will find more about this school on this site: